25Mar 2024


Background of the study: Phytochemicals and Phytohormones available in coconut water had expressed some remarkable anti-aging, anticancer and anticoagualant effects that contributed to the various health benefits. However, the species and maturation of such coconut water has limited information. Therefore,the aim of this study wasto ascertain the species of coconut, their specific phytochemical and phytohormones responsible for the health benefit. Materials and Method: Fresh coconuts of different maturation stage: immature (120-200 days), mature (220-300 days) and over mature (320-380 days) both local and Hybridized were harvested in the coconut farm inOpume, OgbiaLocal Government of Bayelsa State. The following names were identified as the species of the coconut: the local and hybridized immature coconut as Malayan green dwarf, the local mature coconut as Fiji dwarf and hybridized mature and overmature coconut as macapuno and the local over mature coconut as local tall coconut.Phytochemical analysis ofdifferent maturation and type of coconut water were determined by different standard methods while phytohormones were analysed using high performance liquid chromatography UV detector (HPLC). Results:Malayan green dwarf hybridized immature coconut was found to have highest mean content of phytochemical(74.42 ±132.75) and phytohormones(87.24 ±84.25). Conclusion: Malayan green dwarf hybridized immature (HI) coconut waterphytochemical and phytohormoneshas been identified as potentcocconut water with great benefits more than other species and maturation stage.

Onuoha Chinedu Emmanuel
Department of Haematology and transfusion Science, Faculty of Medical Laboratory, Federal University, Otuoke, Bayelsa State, Nigeria.

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