30Mar 2024

Instant Automatic Kshar sutra Maker Machine (System & Method to prepare Kshar-Sutra thread )

This model is developed for making of Kshar-Sutra (a medicated thread) which is routinely used in the treatment of Fistula in Ano & Haemorrhoids. Even today when the modern surgery is at it’s peak, fistula-in-ano is still a challenge to the surgeons for its incidence of recurrence and post operative complications. Kshar-sutra is an Ayurvedic surgical treatment which involves management of Anorectal disorders for treating fistula-in-ano & Haemorrhoids. Use of Kshar-Sutra in fistula in Ano, this technique being used traditionally in India from last 10 centuries. So in rest of the world, there is no chance of making of Kshar-Sutra and such kind of model or machines. Traditional method of preparation of Kshar-Sutra is so hectic / difficult and time consuming. Generally in traditional method, it took at least 7 days to make in summer season and more in other seasons, but due to this model/ instrument, same thing can be perform only within 2 hours in any season. This model saves time, raw material, maintains sterility, freshness with more efficacy and produce more quantity at a time. Various kind of treatment methods are available today still treatment of Fistula in Ano is very complicated. Fistula in Ano is very notorious for its recurrence. But Kshar- Sutra therapy is very efficient in the treatment of Fistula in Ano. Not only it cures but also avoids recurrence. But there are scarcity of Kshar- Sutra. Everybody can not make it. Preparation of Kshar-Sutra is very difficult task. Till today, surgeons restored kshar-sutra in large quantity, but after some period, the efficacy of old kshar-sutra is remains questionable. But this instant automatic kshar-sutra machine makes it easy. Not only this but also overcomes all problems of preparation method of Kshar sutra.

Dr. Maheshkumar Nilkanth Chaudhari
) Chaitanya Ayurveda College & Hospital, Bhusaval-425201, Dist.- Jalgaon (Maharashtra).

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