20Mar 2017


  • School of Optical-Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, Shanghai, P.R China.

Wireless communication is the technology use in many areas include military, hospital, living life style or human civilization, and become a part of the Internet of Things (IoT) [1], and as well as the Internet of Vehicles (IoV) is the new discovery that inescapable between the Internet of Things and the Mobile Internet. In most countries in Europe, and Asia are using the Internet of Vehicles to control and reduce the bad driving activity from drivers and other various purposes. In this incredible field, security of IoV platform is still in concern to modify and be more secure to protecting user’s privacy and database. So, in this paper, the main gold is discussing about the data transfer and location security for the Internet of Vehicles. Providing security services is the most challenging in this technological environment and the major issues that be able to prove the successful deployment of wireless sensor networks in IoV. On the other hand, in the living life style sensor network always move from one destination to another destination like vehicles travelling on road and select the difference node connect to base station. It is different from military, which is also moving base station and sensor node, but even the base station or sensor node moving, for wireless sensor network data location will be the most serious to be attacked by adversary. By the design of the paper, we will use multiple routing random selection node between base station and sensor node as the main idea because it is the effective way and also give the positive feedback to make data safer. In addition, we also propose new idea of algorithms for sensor nodes to select the next destination and prepare transfer data to base-station, which is far away from current location that source node standing at. As in order, first we will discuss about the randomly selection from one node to the other to get address information and in the second, we will use the new address to apply with the second selection node as an interface display address. Last but not least, we believe that security platform can make data safer and the method of random selection also used in previous work it shows the positive result from it.


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